Template Issue

  • Hi there I was hoping to get your advise on word templates.

    I have a template which is covered in bookmarks. These bookmarks are populated from a SQL database.

    Which is the best way to run this. A command button on the same word document, a menu button ....?

    Once the bookmarks are populated they cannot be repopulated. Is there any way around this.




  • Re: Template Issue


    I suppose it depends what happens to the document once populated. Would you want to re run the population in which case a button in the document may be best.

    As have to re add the bookmarks as you go.


  • Re: Template Issue

    My bookmarks are Text Form Fields therefore they are grey boxes.

    I want to use this as a template so you can re populate the bookmarks as many times as you wish without closing and opening the document.

    Therefore, would it be best to copy the document to a new document and populate the bookmarks from there so that the bookmarks stay?


  • Re: Template Issue

    I hope you can help me. I have a standard word document that I use where all I have to do is erase the dates and numbers in the document and replace them with the correct information. My question is as follows. Is there a way I can create a window ( sort of like in access where you can create a window with fields and once you do that it plugs the information you just put into a spreadsheet) where all I have to do is put in the info into fields and it will plug it into the word document?

    If Not: is there a way that I can leave those spaces blank ( such as dates and numbers in the word doc) and tab through so that each time I hit the tab key it jumps to the next spot that I designate?

    Thank you in advance for your help,

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