Exel in cm ?

  • What a type of format are you using to place in the hight?

    Are you going to be typing in the amount of feet, inches, or feet and inches.

    From there we can write the formula to convert inches/feet to cm.

    Can you attach the document in question.

    Ben Ferderer

  • Quote

    Originally posted by blue
    Are you possibly talking about the height and width of rows and columns?

    Assuming that this is the case, one point = 0.035 centimeters. (taken from VBA help for "CentimetersToPoints") Therefore:

    Row Height * 0.035 = Row Height in cm.

  • thx,

    sorry for the delay, but i was a few days out of office

    as i can understand, what i need is a vba script who calculate this for hight and width ?

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