AVAYA CMS Scripting through VBA

  • I got the above fuction from http://www.dbforums.com/archive/index.php/t-1003776.html. What it does is, it extracts reports from AVAYA CenterVu Supervisor 9.0 software used by call centers.

    But when I used it in excel VBA, it gives me compile error "User-defined type not defined in the first line "Dim cvsApp As CVS.cvsApplication" when I try to call the function see my code below.

    More info:

    I searched few files on my comp in the C:\Program Files\Avaya\CentreVu Supervisor 9.0 directory and go to know that

    cvsAPP is an .exe file
    cvsConn is a .dll file
    cvsSrv is an .exe file
    CVSREP is an .exe file

    Sub a()
    Call CMSGetReport("", 1, "Upstream Stats Rpt", "Date(s)", "03/01/06--1", "Split Numbers", "71;72;74;79;82;83", "m:\ReportsAutomation\abc.xls")
    End Sub

    How can I get rid of the error?

    Note: The above function might not display properly due to word wrap

  • Re: AVAYA CMS Scripting through VBA


    You have posted in what is basically a 4+ year old thread, the only recent posts here should not have been made but were not caught earlier by a Moderator. Ozgrid forum rules are one question (or close follow-ups) per thread, by the original poster only.

    Please start your own thread and link to this one if it helps explain your situation.

    Thank you.

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