How to do Drop-Down fields in MS Word?

  • Help!

    I want to add a drop down box in my word document.

    I've attempted use of the "Drop-Down Form Field", which gives me a grey box. But not any type of arrow to scroll through entries.

    I thought that I might be able to search the internet for tutorials on how to do this task, but I'm not finding anything that I can use.

    The end-result I am going for is an "Authorized By" field, that lists several people that I can select a drop down arrow and scroll through, to select the person that makes the authorization.

    Can any one either explain what I am missing?
    Or at least point me towards some good tutorials?

    I do not have knowledge about VB, or programming languages.

    Thank you!

  • Re: How to do Drop-Down fields in MS Word?

    I'm not even that far yet.

    I'm building the document from scratch.
    The document is not locked.
    And I dont even have the dropdown arrow.

    How do I get that far?


  • Re: How to do Drop-Down fields in MS Word?

    Hi there,

    Use a Combo Box from the control toolbox toolbar. Once inserted into your document you should have a drop-down arrow. You may want to change the Style property to dropdown-list. (Right click on the Combo Box control and click on properties)

    You can add the relevant names to the list through code like this:

    ComboBox1.AddItem "John Doe"

    Hope that's what you need.


  • Now I can create Drop-Down fields, how do I link them to react with on another?

    I am doing this for work, so I don't expect it to make sense to anyone:

    I track errors within the company, and Each "Error" is assigned a number.
    I currently have WORD 2000 and here is what I got so far!
    Here I have the drop down box: Which I can select the errors (Example 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on)
    Error [1.1] ((Drop-down))

    I would like to have it when I select the "Error" drop-down 1.1 to have another drop down box automatically populate to tell what the error is and how to fix it (basically a discripetion)

    Example: [Missing Document]

    and if I put [1.2] in the 1st drop-down

    I want the 2nd Drop-Down to Populate: [Missing Signiature]

    Taking that I know just enough to really mess this document up,
    can anyone help me. I have no idea what you mean by use: "Code Tags"

  • Re: How to do Drop-Down fields in MS Word?

    I have a similar problem.

    In Word 2003 I'm doing a form where the drop down needs to show departments and their department code number. The user needs to see the department name, so it can choose the correct number.

    Administration 45

    When the user selects Administration, 45 is the value to be stored in the field.

    Can anyone help me?

  • I still have not been able to get it to work, can anyone help me out?

    I am going to try and be as descriptive as possible, so sorry in advance for the long post:exclamat:
    If you can spare the time to help me out I would greatly appreciate it, and you can reply directly to: "[email protected]"[/email]

    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
    Basically I need to have a form that will have
    dropdown boxes ect... that will list:

    The next 4 lines basically list all the employees and
    the appropriate one can be selected from the drop-down

    Team Manager (Select)

    Employee 1 (Select)

    Employee 2 (Select)

    Employee 3 (Select)

    (And now the tricky part, for me at least)
    Here is where the Error(s) are to be selected. There
    are 2 types of errors (Escalates and Hardstops). And
    there can be more than one error for each that I would
    like to be able to select, and when they are selected
    they would cause an appropriate responce "box" to
    populate and tell the employee how to fix the error.

    Best example I can give through email:

    Escalate Item(s) : (Select)
    Hard Stop Item(s): (Select)


    Let's say that there were 3 errors on a file.
    1 Excalate error and 2 Hardstops

    And this is how I would like to select them:
    Let's lust say that "(Select)
    (Error 1.1)
    (Error 1.2)"
    represents the "Combobox" or whatever to select the
    errors from!

    Escalate Item(s) : (Select)
    (Error 1.1)
    (Error 1.2)

    And I selected "Error 1.1"

    and for the Next 2 Errors Loked like this:

    Hard Stop Item(s): (Select)
    (Error 2.1)
    (Error 2.2)
    (Error 2.3)

    and I selected "Error 2.1 and Error 2.3

    I want them to display something like this or similar:

    Escalate Item(s) : (Error 1.1)
    Hard Stop Item(s): (Error 2.1) , (Error 2.3)

    And then when the errors are selected I would like
    each error discription to populate in a separate "box"
    below on the page:

    Will look something like this when finished and the
    "error(s)" and "Descriptions" are selected:

    Team Manager Jane Doe

    Employee 1 John Doe

    Employee 2 John Doe 2

    Employee 3 Jane Doe 2

    Escalate Item(s) : (Error 1.1)
    Hard Stop Item(s): (Error 2.1) , (Error 2.3)

    Error(s) Descriptions: (Error 1.1 requires a
    signiature), (Error 2.1 requires an initial), (Error
    2.3 has a mispelling to the address"

    *Notice how I want to be able to select more than one
    error and have is display both/all the "Error

  • Re: How to do Drop-Down fields in MS Word?

    hi there,
    can you please help me make this sheet with several FOLLOWING drop-down lists which are all connected to the main one?
    in other words,, I want to change the value in the 1st drop down lists and then automatically the others lists change accordingly.

    it would be great if instead of using several Follower drop-down lists I could use a table. so when the value in the main (only) drop-down list changes, automatically several values in the table update.

    Many thanks

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