Yes/No Check box

  • I am creating a macro that will run an application.
    The spreadsheet will have data input into columns A - L and then the user will hit a button to run the macro.

    What I would like to add as a part of this button/macro is a check function.
    If Column T has any negative numbers in it, then the user has possibly entered data incorrectly.
    I would like to have a box pop saying something to the effect of "negative numbers, is this correct" Then let them choose yes or no etc. If yes, then continue to run the macro. If no then stop the macro.

  • Re: Yes/No Check box

    Instead of having a yes/no check box, you may just want to do a message box...

  • Re: Yes/No Check box

    Thank you very much. I just found out that the answer should never be yes so I'm going to adjust it so that if there are any negative #'s then a msg box pops up and it exits the sub. But thank you very very much!!

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