Relative Directory Reference

  • I can’t seem to remember a simple relative directory reference.

    This is what I’m trying to do… I have a cell where I used to hard code a directory path to a network directory. (i.e. H:\HMS\Master Files) Then in various Sub Routines I would reference that cell for the path.

    What I’d like to do is put in that cell a relative reference to the same directory that the activeworkbook is located. I used this before but I can’t seem to remember or find an example of it. It was pretty elegant one could even use a similar method to look one directory up. I think it looked something like “\\”.

    Any idea’s, it harkens back to old DOS/Basic programming but I believe it still works. I didn’t want to use VBA code i.e. “Thisworkbook.path” for I’d have to change it in so many places. I’d rather figure out the above.



  • Re: Relative Directory Reference

    wouldn't know the function you are mentioning but how about a user defined function useing .path .

    In formulae, depending on your locale, you might have to replace ; with , or vice versa.

  • Re: Relative Directory Reference

    I could but would rather figure the before mentioned method. In the end it's simple but effective.

    Thanks for trying anyway.


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