Array Function to Compute Spherical Units to Cartesian

  • Problem 2 (1 pt)

    Write a matrix function called “cart” that converts spherical coordinates to Cartesian coordinates. The function should take one range object argument containing spherical coordinates in a column of three numbers (ρ, θ, φ). The output should be Cartesian coordinates as a column of three numbers (x, y, z). Test your function with the coordinates (10, π/6, π/2). The conversion formulas are given below.

  • Re: Array Function to Compute Spherical Units to Cartesian

    Sounds like homework.

    You will need a spreadsheet that has a set of sperical co-ordinates, say 10 to start with. The question does not state where the answers should be put so you will need to state your assumption about that (new sheet? same sheet a few columns over? same sheet but below the data?)

    Perhaps you could post that with three areas identified.
    1. The source data
    2. The area to put the results
    3. The expected answers calculated using normal excel functions

    How much VBA do you know?

    Your subject says Array formula, but the question makes no mention of an array formula. Does it need to be entered as an array formula?


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