Offset named range

  • I have a named range, ('Actual' - J1:K63), however whenever I delete any rows the named range reduces by that number of rows, so whenever I add more rows, it does not update.

    Offset would cure this problem, but how do i write the formula within named range?

  • Re: Offset named range

    Thanks for that, however a formula that refers to that dynamic range now does not work.

    Please see attached. Column A & B are dynamically ranged 'Possible' and cell D2, looksup D1 against Column A and gives the figure in Column B if there is a match.

    Can you help?

  • Re: Offset named range

    Change the 1 at the end of the formula to 2...


    Hope this helps!

  • Re: Offset named range

    Thanks for that, now it appears just the first 2 dates do not work, I get a '#VALUE!' error.

    Can you help again

  • Re: Offset named range

    What, you mean the first 2 dates that are before the date in D1 ( i.e. the IF will return the string "No" )? That's because you are trying to do a negation on the result of the IF, and trying to do that to a string results in '#VALUE!' error.

    Cheers, Glenn.

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  • Re: Offset named range

    As per Glen's explanation, you might try...


    Hope this helps!

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