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    I am trying to salvage some statistics (we are changing database) in the old database an ordinary date isn’t used instead 2006002 is used for the date 2006-01-02. 2006003 for 2006-01-03. This is some kind of "special" format year and day of that year. I have data from 1997-01-01 until today. 2006-04-07 is 2006097.

    The problem in short: Make 2006002 to 2006-01-02. 2006097 to 2006-04-07.

    The only solution I have is to make some lookup table from 1997 until today.

    But maybe some formula genius has some better solution?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated TIA /Mats

  • Re: Date conversion

    Thanks for your effort but your solution only works in january every year. I am going for a more complete solution. Thanks all the same :) Mats

  • Re: Date conversion

    Oh I feel so stupid! I goofed when translating your solution to the Swedish language Excel version I use.

    Thanks Domenic your solution works perfect! It couldn't get better. You are really clever!

    Thanks for supplying an example that made it a lot easier (Excel did the translation).

    I will order myself a really cruel punishment now!

    I am very grateful for your kind help, please forgive me my error.


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