Spell Check VBA Code

  • Is there a spell check in VBA? This would be for checking the code you write.


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    Not that I know of. You could copy the code across to a worksheet and use the spellchecker.

    What exactly did you want to spell check?
    Code requires the syntax to be correct before it will work so that in effect checks part of the code.
    Variable names do not need to be spelt correct to work only consistently spelt. For this you can add Option Explicit to the top of your code modules.
    This only leaves the text in quotes and comments.


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    Agreeing with Andy, the only text that needs to be spell checked really is text in quotes and comments (and who reads comments ! ! ! ;) )

    The translation industry regularly write scripts to extract, "mark up" or highlight text that follows a certain pattern... for example all text between double quotes or text after a single quote or text after a HTML tag. This is quite common in translating HTML files into other languages and helps the translator to focus on the content for translation as opposed to the tags or codes that surround them. If you follow a similar process to extract your text (most of the tools work through MS word documents), you could then also easily spell check your code in MS Word. Many of these tools are freeware tools available off the internet.

    In summary, copy/paste code into Word, parse out text for spell checking.


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