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  • I need to perform a lookup on the first row of a filtered list. i.e. If I search for VCP/3301/MP the filter displays all rows containing that part number. The first row after the header row may be say A320. The next time I search for a different code the first row may be at A120. How can I select this first row for my lookup?


  • Re: Lookup On Filtered List

    The Advanced Filter also may be a useful tool. THis would return all rows that match a given criteria. It is a very powerful tool and may be a better fit over the vLookup.

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    I have probably not explained myself very well sorry.

    I have 2 worksheets.

    The first sheet has an autofilter on it and I need to do a lookup on Sheet 2 based on the value of the first cell in sheet 1.

    So if for instance I filter on Sheet 1 for VCP/3301/MP I would like to use that value as my lookup criteria to extract a value from column 2 on Sheet 2.

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    It seems to me that Kris' revised formula should do what you want. If not, can you attach a sample?

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