Transfer data from Main form to SubForm

  • hi

    I m a member for non-profit volunteer group
    we have around 300 members and i have developed a
    database to keep track for the members activity.

    I n this database i record the membership info and
    collect the attendance for members who come to
    that event.

    I have completed all but cant transfer the data from main form
    to the subform using VBA

    any help on how it is done


  • Re: Transfer data from Main form to SubForm


    Can you post a bit more information about the forms? There may be a way that the information can be added automatically without VBA.

    Can you post a sample database? You will need to strip out the data and all forms and reports not required to answer your problem.



  • Re: Transfer data from Main form to SubForm

    Many Thanx Alan

    The minimum I can go is 132KB

    may I have ur email address so i can mail it to u there


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