VBA code to insert a formula within a spreadsheet

  • I have this spreadsheet that has the following formulas copied down 4 columns starting in column 4 or "D"


    Is there any way that I can take these formulas & create a vba that will automatically insert this throughout my spreadsheet? or at least shorten my formulas?

    I read that it would make spreadsheet smaller & thus calc faster. Is this true?

  • Re: Is there a way to create code that will insert a formula within a spreadsheet?

    Hi, legaltrends,

    you could use the Worksheet_Change-Event of the worksheet and limit it to just column C. If anything is entered into a cell in column C the following code is triggered (sorry, didn´t get your formula in G to work - this part of the code is missing here):

    No formulas should make up a bit of speed... ;)


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