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  • Hi All: : D

    See very simple attached spreadsheet. Notice cells A11 through B23.

    Is there any third-party extensions, Macros or other functions that can output the dates and corresponding text (in column A) to a nice looking calendar, or even better yet to Outlook, or both?

    I tried creating a pie chart or graph function, but non contain a calendar scheme.

    Notice cell B7 is an input cell. This would determine the number of days the calendar would show in full. The begin date of the calendar would be in B11, and the last date on the calendar would be in B23. It could be a 30 day calendar, or more or less depending on the input.

    For those "visual" people, a calendar format would be amazing, but I can't write a single peice of VB code, so I wouldn't know how to write a Macro.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you so much! :)

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    Thank you! Looking into this now. If anyone else has any ideas, knows of any add-ins or other third-party stuff (or Macro code), please let me know. :)

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    Hi: :)

    Sorry. I found and opened it up. Pretty cool. I also found several ozgrid add-ins - thank you.

    However, please forgive my ignorance if I am missing something, but I don't think they provide what I was hoping for. Please provide me in the right direction if I am missing something.

    See examples below:

    I ultimately want cell A11 through to B23 to CREATE a calendar with appropriate text:

    [Blocked Image:]

    And, I want to be able to right click, or click a Macro button or something and have it output the text in column A to the corresponding dates in column B (as shown in calendar example below). Or, if it could post on an outlook calendar that would be great too. This way someone could print a more "visual calendar style" and post it accordingly for themselves or other staff members. No one likes looking at the dates in a column, and would much rather see them on a calendar, but I need Excel initially to do the calculations to determine the dates.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Please notice the text in column A corresponds on the calendar dates (shown exactly as written) with the corresponding dates in column B. Anyone have any ideas? Is it even possible?

    Thank you so much! : D

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    Your Diary sheet isn't in your original. It should be possible to do what you wantnow I see exactly what you mean. I will see what i can do.

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    Thank you so much RoyUK :exclamat:

    I apologize for not including all necessary data in first post. My bad. Thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it!

    Have a great day! :smile:

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    Try this - use the Create Calendar Button to add the Diary sheets that you need. Then use the update diary to add the comments

  • Re: Run-time Error 13

    Thank you so much Roy!

    The first button (creating a calendar) works fine. It create a new tab with the mm/yyyy I specify.

    However, when I go back and then click "Update Diary" button, it spits out:

    Run-time error '13'

    Type mismatch


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    Hey, just thinking outloud here ... I don't know how easy or difficult this is. But, notice the first date of the spreadsheet to post on calendar (B11) is in May. The last date to post is in June (B23). This is two seperate months, which may complicate things?

    Would it be possible to have a calendar created based on those dates shown, so that ONE page could be printed out to post? Kind of like how Outlook blends months together consecutively, but still shown in 31-month format, perhaps this calendar can still be 31 days in length, but have a begin date and end date that are determined the values on those two cells? :confused:

    Thank you! : D

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    Worked fine foe me. I need to add a few refinements though - you do need a page for each month in the list, so you need may 7 June for the example. Check back later

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    Hi Roy!

    Thank you so much!

    I have Excel 2003 with all the add-ins installed (or checked) so not sure why it doesn't work on this end? Hmmm.

    I would only need a 30-day period of calendar, that may extend over 2 months, i.e. May 13 to June 12, if possible.

    Thanks again, I'll check back later. Have a good one! :smile:

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    I have changed this completely. You can now create a year view calendar, then add all your reminders as comments on the relevant date. You can either add your calendar or run the update which will add the calendar if required

    Edit: removed attachment - see later post for amended version

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    Hi Roy!

    I agree with Jack! Very cool!

    The "create Calendar" button works for me. However, when I THEN click "Diary" I get the "Runtime Error '13' - type mismatch error." This occurs every time. Strange. I know you said it works on your end. What could I be doing wrong?

    Is there something I need installed for it to run correctly? Again, I've got Excel 2003, Windows XP Pros, wth all add-ins installed, including all free Ozgrid add-ins.

    Thank you so much! :smile:

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    Have you changed any data in the form sheet - maybe upload the workbook that is causing the problem

    Edit: just downloaded the example at work & run on my work PC using Windows XP & Office XP - again no problem.

    Home Pc on which I created the app has Windows XP & Office 2003.

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    Hi Roy!

    No. Haven't changed any data. In fact, I extracted the file from your zip, as uploaded - then saved it to my C:/ drive. Then, I opened it "Enabled Macros", and clicked the Calendar button first, in which the calendar buttons creates a Calendar tab and shows the 12 months. I then click back to the "Form" tab and click "Update Diary" and the runtime error '13' error occurs.

    Very strange. Is there an Excel setting, or Ozgrid add-in I need? I have Macro security set to "Medium" which when I open the file it asks if I want "Enable Macros" and I click YES.

    Sorry to bother you. I really appreciate your time on this. Any other ideas? :confused:

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    More debugging here ....

    I just tried the zip file on two more PC's. Both have Windows XP Pro, and Office 2003 - two desktops and one laptop.

    I was able to duplicate the same output.

    1. Open file, as is
    2. Enable Macros ("Yes")
    3. Click Calendar Button (have tried both yes and no to Sunday Monday)
    4. Calendar tab created automatically as per Macro
    5. Click "Form" tab to go back to original screen
    6. Then click "Update Diary"
    7. Runtime Error '13' occurs

    As I have tried this on 3 different computers now, the only "off-the-cuff" possibility I can think of (which is a far stretch) is that you are in the UK and I am in America.

    Perhaps there is some crazy anomaly (or minor difference) between the two versions? Yes, I know it's a stretch, but if it's working on your end, and apparently Jack's end (who praised your work and is also in the UK) I'm trying to think of all the common demominators.

    Hmmm? Again, please forgive any oversight of mine. I'm open to any ideas, and I again thank you for your patience and contribution! :smile:

  • Re: Calendar Output

    You had a good idea to "upload" the potential problem file. Here's the exact zip file I downloaded from you. Perhaps, the zip utility you are using is somehow corrupting the file (even if a line or two of code?). I'm re-uploading it.

    Let me know what you think, and again, I apologize for any inconvenience!

    : D

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