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    Quote from SerenityNetwork

    [COLOR="Navy"]Thanks Roy.

    Since the original was in Sunday through Saturday format, I just changed your idea to put the following in C4 and then fill-right over to I4.
    Doh! But now that I think about it, it doesn't make any difference does it? The formula will label the columns correctly regardless of the weekday option (1 or 2) chosen.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you, [COLOR="Blue"]"What did you mean by, 'For each Day cell, i changed $C$$ to $D$4 etc.'?"[/COLOR] I'm not following you.

    It's a typo, I can't remember now, it was quite early when I was playing


    Also, I was just thinking... I think I could use a couple of formulas, so that you just put in the month in C2 then the date cells would fill out automatically, as-well-as the weekend and previous/following month days would be appropriately colored. If I get time in the next few days, I may go for doing it.

    I have been playing with it and added conditional formatting to colour the cells for the next month grey, just need to add similar for weekends. I did change your Weekday formula in the CF on the Data Sheet so that day 1 is a Monday, so now it only needs one Format - =WEEKDAY(A5,2)>5

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    Update to the non-macro version 3 that I posted above.

    Updates include:

    • Dynamic day formula (suggested by Roy).

    • User selectable Sun-Sat or Mon-Sun calendar format.

    • Conditional formatting on calendar. Dates from previous and following months will be automatically colored grey while weekends of current month will be colored tan.

    • Dynamic month. That is, enter the month you want to display in cell C2 and the calendar will automatically reformat itself to that month and pull the appropriate data from the data workseet.

    Still to do:

    • Change some of the hard-coding to named ranges.

    • Make "[more]" into a hyperlink taking you to the appropriate area on the data worksheet. Note: the text "[more]" displays in the last cell for a date when there are more data entries than can be accommodated in the "space" (number of data rows) available for a date.

    I hope someone gets some use from this tool. I've had fun making it.


    PS: Roy, it looks like our posts crossed. I did the conditional formatting and calendar formatting too! We must think alike. See what you think. Andrew

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    Quote from royUK

    I also forgot to say I had added controls so only one calendar sheet is necessary

    [COLOR="Navy"]I did too!

    That's almost too funny.

    Maybe post your version when you get the chance. I'd enjoy taking a look to see how you did it. Excel is so flexible. You can skin a cat more than one way.


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