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    Firstly thanks to all who have helped so far, there were many obsticles solved

    The next phase of my Workbook, or a New Workbook perhaps, has alot to do with gathering live data from a XML web page.
    These web pages hold data which is constantly updated.
    Some of the data is not required, other parts of the page the data is required.
    The problem is, I do not know where to start to get something practical happening and build from there.

    I could not have reached this phase had I not had my previous calculations been solved. Meaning, this is the next logical step to take to further complete those previous calculations.

    But the info this time needs to be obtained from a web page and the examples provided by the webmasters require knowledge on XML.
    Once the data is obtained, it must be logged to a txt file exactly as I require it, so it then can be imported to Excel.

    Where do I start this kind of project if for the first time attempting to gather web page info. when it is recomended by the webmasters they will provide the info based on XML.
    I am not sure of the exact terminologies used, but basicaly that's what they seem to mean.

    Are there any working examples that can show a Workbook gathering XML information and storing this info. one way or the other and then waiting for that web page to refresh and the updated data is gathered and stored to txt log file again, same as the previous update, or similar ?

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    Have you tried using the Data >Import External Data> Web Query in Excel?

    This should allow you to select which tables of data you want and provides several options on how to format the data.

    You can then use a routine in Excel to copy and paste the information as you require.


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    Yes, that once was the way to go but things have changed. Customer Support of the owners of the web page have no problem providing the information for free, as long as all development is done on their terms.
    One of those terms and conditions I think is to authenticate the user obtaining the information. User name and passwords need to be entered.
    I don't have a problem with this either.

    But they do specify and have a location for developers and some demo. files showing the XML codes and what needs to be done.
    This is all too new to me, it is not what I have ever anticipated on learning just to obtain a few numbers to complete my calculations.

    Foode for thought:
    I am sure many will have or are encountering this dilema, or I have totaly misunderstood.
    If this is the case, then perhaps the experts can create a "base model" of something to start getting this XML data with "terms and conditions" included for that matter, as this same question in principle may appear again.

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    Authentication can be dealt with by logging onto the web site in the normal way and then opening the Excel data query.

    I am not an expert with XML, but have downloaded many tables from websites and then automated my analysis.

    Can you post an example? Perhaps a link?


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    Thanks Shark.

    The info. contained in your sample spreadhseet is a Events List.
    The main info I require is the Results section. ( After the Event)

    How do I automate this task so it checks for results in real time after each event every day ?

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    My apologies, I did not see the other worksheets.

    Yes it has results, but the task of importing these results must be automated.
    How is this possible to do ?

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    As I am not sure how you will be looking to update these it is difficult to say.

    You will need to decode the date columns and run an update of the query. I recorded this code using teh macro recorder. Alternatively you can set the query to update when the workbook is opened.


    If you need to schedul events then do a search of this site as it is a frequently asked question.

    Sorry to be vague, I am very busy and will not be able to provide consistent support this week :)

    Good luck,


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