named ranges

  • Hi ..
    Am sure this can be done easily, but am getting stumped !!! . I need to create a named range on multiple sheets with the same named range & i cant figure out how to do this .
    EG :- I want to create a named range called "_SubUnitRows" on sheet1 starting from "A1:A50" & other named range again called "_SubUnitRows" on Sheet2 starting from "A1:A25" ...
    Any Suggestions ??? Thank you !

  • Re: named ranges


    YOu have to include the sheet name as part of the defined name.

    So in sheet1, select the range and define the name. Then go to sheet2, select the range and make the name sheet2!_SubUnitRows. When you are on sheet2, go insert, name, define and the name will come up with the sheet name on the far right.


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