Mathematical range operations in VBA

  • I've attempted searches on the topic and cannot come up with anything....

    I'm attempting to conditionally alter specific column range values based on the variable 'tagrow'. From the example you can see that if 'tagrow' is 7 or 8, I want to divide the values in column C by 1000 and put them in column D. If tagrow was different, I will use another conditional statement with a different denominator.

    In the current code, I get a type mismatch error. I have also tried dividing by an equal size column range full of 1000's, with no luck (matrix math anyone?). All I want to do is manipulate ranges!

    Thanks in advance.

    'Initializing tagrow so we can test what train we are trending'
    tagrow = Cells(12, 2).Value
    'Only Propylene flows need adjustment in A and B trains, calculate everything'
    If tagrow = 7 Or tagrow = 8 Then
        Range("D15:D115").Value = Range("C15:C115").Value / 1000  
    End If
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    I think that you want

    Range("D15")= Range("C15") / 1000

    Note that this will put the values in and not the equation.


    PS Is there a reason this can not be an if statement in the cell?

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    Hey mate,

    Just to clarify.

    Do you want to divide the sum of all values in column C by 1000 and put one answer in column D or do you wish to divide each cell in column c by 1000 and put the respective value in column d?

    If it is the latter i would suggest writing something like this

    Hope this helps :)

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    your code works exactly as intented. I never thought of putting a simple formula in and then converting to the number.

    trying to go from step 1 to step 3 is much more difficult than 1,2,3.



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