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  • Hi Excel Guru's,

    I am data validation to display a list of values . The problem am facing is .. this list has a lot of names & it becomes difficult to scroll through when i need to search for a particular name.. Is it possible that when I press a key on my keyboard, the name starting with that letter is highlighted in the drop down list.. This is not happening automatically using data validation... Is there a work aorund for this? Please advise ...

  • Re: Data Validation

    Try using a ComboBox control from the Control Toolbox toolbar instead of data validation in a cell. I don't think you will find a way of doing it with standard data validation.


  • Re: Data Validation

    Thx Batman, the reason I am using data validation is bcoz i need to display these names in around 5000 cells. I guess if there's no other option, i ll have to stick to the combo box control .. Many thanks again.

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