Hyperlink keeps changing

  • Morning guys,

    Quite embarrassed to not know the answer to this one but here goes.

    Im trying to link to "lonp1/USER/Financial/UT/Trackers/FL.xls"

    But it keeps changing to "../USER/Financial/UT/Trackers/FL.xls" and therefore the link is invalid.

    I have tried to put "file:\\" in front of this to stop this but it keep reverting back. I have searched high and low for the answer but iam now getting desperate!

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Re: Hyperlink keeps changing

    I find that e-mailing a workbook changes the hyperlinks. To ensure that a hyperlink doesn't change, go to File > Properties > Summary tab and enter the folder in the Hyperlink Base field at the bottom. Then, when creating your hyperlink, don't enter the folder name, just include the file name. This should prevent the link from changing.

    Hope this helps.


  • Re: Hyperlink keeps changing

    Unfortunately this didn't work for me ... but it did a change in the way the hyperlinks change.
    Before using the "Base Hyperlink" the links changed to ..//../xyz/ - now the "Base Hyperlink" is replaced by a part of an Internet address http://directory... making the link (and the path also) invalid. I've checked and the original Base Hyperlink is unchanged.
    This is starting to give me headaches - I will try to protect the colums where the links are placed to see if they change again.
    Thank you for replies!

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