Arrow heads in worksheet

  • I have a problem with some spreadsheets in Excel 97. Initally it was notcied that arrow heads appeared in the spreadsheets, then we also found spreadsheets where slow, almost everything resulted in an appearance by the hour glass. We then realised that file sizes where quiet large e.g. a 1 page spreadsheet that was mainly text and a few simple formulas was 2mb. When we copied and pasted into a new document it went down to 29kb (this doesn't always work the spreadsheet goes not responding.) Virus checker isn't picking anything up, any ideas?

  • User who has this problem is saving spreadsheets are excel workbooks and under tools/transistion he has excel work book. Also tried copy sheet to a new sheet, then deleting the orginal and this makes no diffierence to the file size.

  • Hi Sadams,

    Sounds like someone added arrows using the drawing toolbar. I have seen this happen before. Sometimes you can not see the arrows until the sheet is printed. If this is you problem the best way to remove them is to enlarge the sheet to 150% or more and the arrows/Lines should be plain to see. Then you should be able to click on them and go to edit and clear all of the arrows or lines.

    Hope this helps,

  • Quote

    Originally posted by sadams
    Alt + F11 shows Autoexit module

    ?? Just this - Any other modules attached to the workbook? Not quite following you - what is the Autoexit module?? and what code does it contain ?

    By pressing Alt+F11 and then selecting view|project explorer (this will appear on the LHS of the window) you should see if there are any modules associated with your workbook

  • Autoexit is one of the standard excel macros. code it is

    Sub Main()
    On Error Resume Next

    '' Don't need to call ShutdownDistMon explicitly, because
    '' the DLL has already gotten a call to DLLMain with
    '' DLL_PROCESS_DETACH, has done the shutdown, and has, in fact,
    '' been unloaded from memory
    ''' ShutdownDistMon
    End Sub

    There are no other modules present.

  • That's not a standard Excel Maco i've ever seen.... where is it located? In the workbook module....? or was the module renamed Autoexit

  • This module thing is in book1.xls, don't know if this has appeared since I have looked at this isers spreadsheets or not. So it may not be relevant.

  • Can't say I've ever come accross this module.

    Book1.xls is normally the default workbook that can be opened when XL fires up.... Mine never have any modules in them, so I can't really explain how it got there.. weird.

    Anyway, it shouldn't be impacting any of the other active workbook file sizes so you're right, it probably isn't relevant. Hmmm

    Any possibility of sending me one of these files with the mystery arrowheads... ? Or is the data too confidential... ? Also, did you try out Roy's suggestion?

  • What was Roy's suggestion? I can delete the arrows but this doesn't seem to effect the file much and therefore fully resolve the problem. I made sure the user is saving in excel format.

  • Have you got Formulae copied down the full length of a column, perhaps waiting for data to be entered? If so this will slow things down because Excel will have to calculate all these formulae even if no data is there.

  • Nope, spreadsheets aren't big typically a single page, majority is text with a handful of simple formulas in i.e. calculating totals of several cells.

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