Continuous forms

  • Say if i have a field in a continuous form of random number long so Part a may have 4 rows of data and b may have 5 rows of data. How do you indepently work with each row.


    Name Age
    Matt 15
    Matt 16
    Matt 15

    Another example

    Name Age
    Bill 14
    Bill 15

    So If i wanted to scroll through names and a list of ages for all people with that name appeared and i wanted to highlight all the 14s red and 15s green how can i do that without conditional formatting. Want to use VBA

    Thanks for the help

  • Re: Continuous forms

    A little difficult to follow the question until the last sentance...

    If you are using a continuous form then you can not change the format of a control such that each row appears differently. It is a problem with continuous forms. Use a datasheet with conditional formatting- although you state you do not want this.



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