Change form link & refresh Autonumber

  • Dear All

    1) I have a form which is linked to output to Table A.
    However I need this form to output to Table B, how do I do this?

    Once I have done this the new data outputted from the form will read into Table B.

    2)The Autonumber in this Table is out of sync due to some deletions how do I refresh this process to ensure that it numbers are continuous.

    Many Thanks



  • Re: Change form link & refresh Autonumber

    1. What do you mean- the form is linked to output to table A?

    A form is a view on a table, or are you filling in an unbound form that then places data into a table on a command from a user?

    2. You can't reset an autonumber field and keep it as an autonumber. The point of the autonumber is that a unique reference is created and can not be recreated. You would have to copy the data to an empty table with the same structure and then link all of your queries etc to that new table.


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