Macro not working to refresh field

  • Ok I have tried a combo box which is really what I want. But then I went to a regular field. I cannot get the name and all information to show up until I close the file and reopen. I know it has to do with requery but apparently I do not have enough experience.

    I would post an example but my database is 13.5mb. If someone would look at it that would be great. I could email it to you. I am not asking for anyone to complete this database for me, just point me in the right direction. I have been reading information on the Internet but that gets confusing.

    On the right is a button that the user clicks to add, delete or update an employee. I want that information to show on the main form to the right. So when the user is looking for a particular employee and their inventory they just do a search for that employee. That employee will not show up until I close the form and reopen. Thank for any help and assistance.

    P.S. CarlMack answered my previous thread and gave me the way to go. Just could not figure it out. Hope I am not double posting. Just desperate. Thank you.

  • Re: Macro not working to refresh field

    Can you post the code?

    I think that you are trying to select an employee using a combo box and want the employees details to be displayed in a sub form. It is likely that you need to refresh the main form and that will requery the subform.

    Post your code and a picture of the form (use print screen to grab the screen image whilst the form is open).


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