Formulas: When IF functions don't scale anymore ?

  • I have a bit of a problem that I will struggle to explain. Hopefully, someone will be able to a)comprehend my requirements and b)provide me with a solution !

    Here is an example of my problem.

    Worksheet 1 cell A1 has a result of 2. The workbook contains 30 worksheets all named 1,2,3 to 30. Dependent on the value of A1, I would like cell C5 (in worksheet 1) to reflect a value in cell B10 of worksheet "2" - the current value of cell A1. If the result of A1 changes to 3, then the value of C5 should change to B10 in worksheet "3".

    Hope I made sense and more-over some-one can figure a way to implement this. The only way I know is via IF functions but this would not scale due to the number of worksheets involved.

    Looking forward to some assistance.

    Dean Smith

  • see the help file for indirect():


    ..would return the value in a1 from the sheet number entered in a1 on the sheet the formula's in...

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