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  • We have a shared Excel file on the network. Within the file are hyperlinks to PDF files located in the same area of the server. If I or anyone else opens the file and clinks on the appropriate cell Adobe PDF Reader opens up (version 7.0) and displays the file. For this one user Adobe seems to start momentarily flashing on the screen and then disappears. Here's what I've done and things I have checked:

    1.) Checked rights to the file(s) in question: Good
    2.) Opened up a random sampling (from the same folder that thesae links point to) of these files directly using Adobe 7.0 and by double-clicking on the file: Displays the file everytime.
    3.) Checked the list of recently opened documents and the documents I was trying to open via Excel appear in history?
    4.) Security is set to low and Macros are enabled.
    5.) Uninstalled an re-installed Adbobe 7.0: No joy
    6.) Works fine on several other PC's.
    7.) Checked the task manager and Acrobat does not appear to be running after the "flash".

    Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Not even sure that it is an Excel problem, but since it's only occurring from Excel am assuming some sort sort of relation.

  • Re: Hyperlink/PDF File

    Hi dlloyd90,
    I dont remember the details involved but i remember something similar to happen in our office. The difference is that the PDF files were not necessarily opened through Excel. I believe this was something within Adobe Reader. You might want to check their site. - The little i remember, in our instance is, that Adobe was set to auto-remind/check for updates and every time, i think once per day or so, when Adobe was opened, it "disappeared" into the background with the question whether the user wanted to update or not and/or install a component or not. Unless you "knew" about the pop-up, maybe ctrl and tab will help to "find" it, it looked as if Adobe was either not responding and/or frozen.
    Maybe checking/unchecking the update options will help - Edit | Preferences | Update. And maybe it's something totally different afterall. Good luck.

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