Formulas: Need help regarding classification of data

  • Hi all pals..

    I have a question and I have uploaded the example as attached.

    I need to classify the dates according to months. The piece of data was extracted from SAP, hence, when i opened from Excel, its a Text Delimted file and i actually went about formatting it and also specify that it is a date property.

    What I have done before but not shown in this example spreadsheet...
    I actually formatted the cells for the date field... though it may appear Jul-03 for me, but its no way i could paste the data onto another cell, it would not be the date field, it would appear numbers for me, i used the Paste-Speical-Method. So for my case, i dun think it is very meaningful and useful.

    Now, is there another way?

    I need to based on the date, and classify it according to months with year. For instance, if the the date is 11.07.03, the result return would be 0703.

    The reason i need to get 0703 format is because, later on, i would need to used 0703 as one of my argument to perform some calculation.

    hear form you soon.

    james :tumble:

    Warmest regards

  • highlight the column | go to data | text to columns... | hit next twice | select DMY from the date data format options | hit finish.

  • James:

    I'm not sure that I fully understood what it was that you were looking for. See the attached example and see if this answers.


  • James,

    Not sure that I am 100% with you either, but if you use the replace tool to replace all the periods (fulstops) in col A with / then format the column with custom format mmyy you will get the results you are after.

    Hope that helps

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