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  • Hi,

    I recently received a survey in which the user had used a very useful feature.

    Against each question, there were 2 check boxes labelled YES and NO respectively. Clicking on either of these placed a cross in the relevant box (ideally I think a check mark would had been better though and ofcourse if possible). And at the very end of the survey, the user had summed up all YES selections and all NO selections....

    To cut a long story short :)
    a) how do I put in such check boxes in a word document, and

    b) how do I sum up all YES and NO selections

    c) is it possible to have a check mark instead of a cross 'X' in the check box?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi Joozh,

    This can be done pretty simply in W97 onwards (based upon what I've been able to work out from the fax - see later)

    Turn Autocomplete on

    You need to add the ticked and crossed boxes to Autotext in a blank document so that typing "ycheck" and "xcheck" get replaced by the symbols (found in Insert->Symbol->Wingdings I think).

    Once the symbol is in your document add a field code to each to run a macro when clicked.

    Each macro replaces the selection with the Autotexct entry for the toggled box (i.e. click on a ticked box and it inserts a crossed box)

    In ThisDocument place:-
    Sub AutoNew()
    Options.ButtonFieldClicks = 1
    End Sub

    so that the fields react to one click instead of two.

    Finally save the document as a template in your word start path or add all this to (keep a back up!!)

    Sounds complicated but if you are running Word 97 or later, try creating a new fax using the wizard and . . . . oh look, tick boxes !


  • As for counting the little blighters, try recording a macro a macro for find and replace, see if disecting that helps.


  • Hi Again,

    If your document has quite a large number of checkboxes, there's quite an overhead for adding checkboxes from Forms.


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