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  • Can anyone tell me how many users can work on a form simultaneously? I've created a very simple value-return form that shows a user some information. It's not set up for data entry, but I'd like to know what the threshold is. Any thoughts? Please help
    Thank You

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    There's no definitive threshold AFAIK

    Anywhere between 10 and 200 depending on who you listen to/read ;)

    I think that every application may work little differently with Access, and depends on the type of queries being exectued and the number of records in the commonly used tables. It's actually best to test your own application with your own hardware and with your own drivers (preferrably the latest).

    How many users are likely to concurrently use the db ?

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    If your form is simply returning information and you set up the database to have a front and back end then in theory the limit will be that of your network response and ability of the machine hosting the backend database to respond to fresh data requests.

    If you have a single database file on the server and everyone is opening that file then the limit is probably about 3 or 4 before the performance will become so poor no one will want to keep doing it.


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    Thanks for the help -
    I've already split the database to have the tables on a network so the form and query will be done on the users' local. The tables also have about 125K rows of data, but the query is only looking at 1 column. And actually the query is a simple "find value". Because I don't have enough $$ to get licenses for newer versions of Access, we're using 97. How does this sound so far? Any other help would be great -
    I'll keep stressing it myself by adding more and more users.

    Thanks again

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