Use of {} opposed to ()

  • Re: Use of {} opposed to ()

    Hi roughneck82,

    You don't use {} brackets in place of () brackets; they have their own separate function.

    As StephanG says, they are used in connection with array formulas, but there you don't type them in, they are created by Excel when you confirm the formula as an array formula.

    You can, however, use {} brackets in your formula without it being technically an array formula. You can use {} to create an array of values within your formula that you can use in much the same way as a list of values in your worksheet.

    If, for instance, you wanted to check whether the value in a cell was included in a list of 3 values, you could enter the 3 values on your worksheet and use a Match function to check whether your cell value is included. You can code the list of items into your formula and use the Match function with that list, using the {} brackets, e.g.

    =IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(A1,{"TEXT 1","TEXT 2","TEXT 3"},0)),"Found","Not Found")

    Hope this helps.


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