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  • What I have created is a scansheet that simply converts numerical input to scannable barcode - I need to protect these sheets and allow macros to run at the same time.

    I have tried both of these statements:

    With very little success - to begin the process the user is at the main menu - the "ORIGINAL" BarCode page is hidden. A Macro is written to UnHide this sheet make a copy of it and Rename it to "RENAME ME NOW" --

    The original sheet responds correctly to the above however, the copy of, no matter whether is is called BarCode (2) or RENAME ME NOW is TOTALLY Unprotected which is very bad for this group trust me..... I am surprised they can turn their alarm clocks off in the morning and I do not want to spend my entire day rebuilding corrupted worksheets.

    Now, I have even added the code to the Orignal Worksheet to look like this:

    Private Sub ProtectReNameMe()
    Sheets("RENAME ME NOW").Protect Password:="20lb8x19", _
    End Sub

    Which is appled directly to the worksheet. AM I missing a WorkSheet Open statement or some other parameter?

    HELP - I goin prematurely bald as it is and I am more familiar with Lotus 123 then Excel (Quite frankly I think Lotus is a piece of cake compared to this)


  • Re: WorkSheet protection


    I asked you in your previous post to use code tags, but you appear to have ignored that.. This is not difficult. You also asked this quetion as part of that previous question, again the rules ask you to stick to one thread for related topics. Please read the rules & be sure to follow them. Thanks

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