"Automatic" Border Coloring Overwritten

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  • I have several excel sheets in a workbook where the "automatic" (that is, the default) border coloring has somehow been overwritten from the usual black to a pale gray. When I'm selecting border colors it still shows Automatic as being black, but the linetypes and the borders themselves are this annoying (and useless) gray.

    I know that this is a property inherent to the worksheet and not the workbook because I can insert a new worksheet, Ctrl-A and copy everything in the original worksheet, and paste it all into the new worksheet and the Automatic border color will be black, as it should be. I'd rather not copy-paste each worksheet into new worksheets if I don't have to because I've got macros and print settings customized for each sheet and those don't get picked up by Ctrl-A.

    Does anyone know where/how I can reset this "Automatic" Line Color back to the original black for these worksheets? Thanks ahead of time.


  • Re: "Automatic" Border Coloring Overwritten

    Hi Phlu,
    Maybe under |Tools |Options |View |Gridlines Color?

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