[Solved] selecting items not next to each other

  • Hi Excel/Word forum,
    I am working in Word 2000. Is there any way to select items that are not next to eachother? Say the first word in a sentence and the last word in a sentence?
    I saw an article saying that you can do it in word 2002. Can you do it in Word 2000 some how?
    Thanks for your time,

  • Hi Lisa,

    Seems it a Word 2002 thing :(

    If you are wanting to select non contiguous words in order to apply the same formatting all at once then here are a couple of alternatives.

    1. Use F4 to repeat last action.

    2. Use the Format Painter, double click the icon to 'Lock it' for apply changes to many words. Escape to stop it

    Hope this helps.



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