opening a folder from worksheet

  • Morning all,

    Is it possible to have a text box and a macro button that when a user enters a name of a folder (or part of the name) on say the c:\ drive it takes you there?

    Example being i have a folder called Alcan Inc on my c:\ drive, so i type in the text box alcan and click the macro. it then opens a windows explorer screen with the folder open.

    Any ideas would be great!

  • Re: opening a folder from worksheet

    Put this in the button click event

    Shell "explorer C:\" & TextBox1.Text, vbNormalFocus



  • Re: opening a folder from worksheet


    Thanks for that but (always a but :)) his works for when I have the whole name of the folder i.e. alcan inc.

    Is it possible that I enter say alcan and it opens the alcan inc folder?

    Thanks in advance

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