Breaking Workbook Links

  • I have an excel workbook with over 200 worksheets. It has been passed back and forth between individuals using Excel 2003 and Excel 2000. Those using 2000 when they open up the file see a warning to update (or not) the links. The link doesn't impact the contact of the workbook, therefore selecting do not update is fine. However, it's "bothersome" to those on Excel 2000. For those on 2003, including me, I do not get this warning. I've tried selecting view links but I am unable to do so in 2003. How do I remove this unwanted link for those on 2000? They are not able to because breaking a link is not one of the options....only opening the source or skipping the option or changing the source to another is possible. HELP! I've got to get this done in 1 hour.

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