Conditional Cell locking

  • I am trying to create a password protected workbook. This workbook has 2 sheets. The first sheet has 3 check boxes. If the first check box is clicked, I want a series of cells in column 5 to unlock on both sheets, and all other cells to remain locked. If check box 2 is ticked, I want column 6 unlocked, and all other cells locked. If check box 3 is ticked, I want column 7 unlocked, and all other cells locked.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help you can offer me with this problem.

  • Re: Conditional Cell locking

    Hi Steve at work,
    Have you tried the MacroRecorder |Tools |Macro |Record New Macro?
    I suppose you could start by recording the three respective steps to
    - unprotect your worksheet
    (- lock all cells/columns)
    - unlock the cells/columns in question for each of the three instances
    - protect the worksheet

    Another thing to think about would be. Do you want check boxes, so that the user can check 1, 2 or all 3 and hence unlock all one, two or all three ranges at once - well i suppose you can have the respective macro uncheck the respective other box(es)...? - Maybe a radio button, where you could only have one of the three selected ...?

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