Slow copying

  • i have a very large workbook 9mb and when i try to copy a cell it takes like 20 seconds- i really dont care but when you do a copy cell code it takes for ever. is there a way to copy the value only. i was thinking this might speed up the process.

  • Re: Slow copying

    Quote from zotee98

    i have a very large workbook 9mb

    The definition of large depends on a number of factors. I run 56mb+ files with no issue :)

    My guess is one of 2 issues (at least)

    1. Lack of available memory
    2. What you are copying forces excel to recalculate - and you have many memory hungry formulas (what Charles Williams might refer to as a 'bottleneck')

    You might want to tell us a little more about if you think it's 1, 2 or something else... and read Dave's tips on efficient spreadsheet design

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