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  • Hi Guys,

    I have attached an example of some data I have.
    Basically I have a list of email addresses in column A and I have a list of names in column B. The list of emails on the actual version is about 2000 and the names about 800. What I need to do is match the email addresses with the names. If possible to put them next to the name. As stated there are a lot more emails than names. Its either this way or going through 800 names searching for an email address for each.........not thanks, not sure if this is possible, did a search but didn't find anything relevant.

    There is also a catch, if possible I would like not to sort the names in any way, just leave it as is. Any suggestions ??


  • Re: matching 2 columns together

    Seems to work

    =IF(COUNTIF($A$1:$A$10,SUBSTITUTE(B1," ",".")&"*")>0,INDEX($A$1:$A$10,
    MIN(IF(SUBSTITUTE(B1," ",".")=LEFT($A$1:$A$10,LEN(B1)),ROW($A$1:$A$10)))),"")

    which is an array formula, it should be committed with Ctrl-Shift-Enter, not just Enter.



  • Re: matching 2 columns together

    Hi there, I found this formula very helpful, however I have a slight problem .....If there is more than one employee with the same 'first name' on the list (Column B), it will pick up on the specified first name on the email list (Column A) alphabetically and then pick up on the incorrect email address that has the correct first name, but last name does not match.

    =INDEX($A:$A,MATCH(SUBSTITUTE(B1," ",".")&"*",$A:$A,0),1)

    Can someone please amend the above formula for me.

    Appreciate any help!

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