Match A Call To Column And Give Result

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  • Hi people,

    AM looking for a formula answer only if possible, pretty sure it would be just my expertise on Excel isn't the best, am learning though !!!

    Attached is a spreadsheet that contains a list of Football teams (F) with corrasponding numbers next to them (E).

    In column A is a list of footballers and column B has a corrasponding number.

    WHat I want to be able to do is type in the footballers names in A and type a number next to them in B, in column C it would read off the corrasponding Team number and populate it with the team name. In the attached example I'll manually list the fist teams in B, i need a formula todo this for me. Probably quite simple.


  • Re: Match A Call To Column And Give Result

    I actually used a lookup to resolve the issue, well sort of.
    =LOOKUP(B1,$E$1:$E$12,$F$1:$F$12) is the forumla, the only issue is where numbers have not been entered in column B it has #N/A, how do I change it so it is just blank and will populate when I put a number in ?


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