Pictures: Vlookup And Autofilter

  • Hi,

    This problem has been irritating me for days, so would appreciate any help.
    This is what i need to do:-

    Sheet1 has a number of columns, two of them are 'Name' and 'Signature'.
    Sheet2(reference sheet) lists all the names and signatures.
    Signatures are all .jpeg files that I have inserted into the relevant cells in sheet2.

    I need to do a lookup on sheet2 based on 'Name' and populate the 'Signature' column in sheet1 with the correct signature from sheet2(essentially a vlookup, except that one field is a picture).

    I discovered that vlookup doesn't work, but I can copy the cell (including the signature). So I run a macro that clears all the pictures(signatures) in sheet1 and then copies the correspnding signatures from sheet2.

    So first of all, is there an easier way to do this as the macro is taking a long time to run?

    Secondly, I also need to filter the rows in sheet1. When I filter the rows, the signatures from rows which are not part of the filtered rows are also displayed. I am guessing this happens because the signatures are not referenced exactly to a particular cell. Any way to get around this?

    Thanks a lot! I have learnt a lot from this forum already...



  • Re: Pictures: Vlookup And Autofilter

    You can't filter images. If your code is long running then try using

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    'your code
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

    If this doesn't improve the soeed then post the code.

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