Removal Of Time Stamp

  • Hi All.

    In a previous version of a spreadsheet I created, when a value was placed in 'B5' .. C5 would then populate with an automatic 'NOW'.

    However, I didn't know at the time, procuded the cell to read not only the date, but also a time. 17 Jul 06 12:38:45

    I have since change the auto code to DATE instead of NOW, but was wondering if there was anyway to changed the already populated cells so that it did not show the time without having to manually enter it again.


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    why not format the old cells as only date
    highlight column or relevant cells
    format-cells-number-date- the format which has date only
    of course the entry in the cell will have date and time but only the date willl be seen.
    is this waht you want?

  • Re: Removal Of Time Stamp

    what ie meant by "cell saya". do you mean in the formula bar or the cell itsself.
    please give us after formatting as date
    1. what is within the cell
    2. what is in the formula bar (next to "fx" above the column letters.

  • Re: Removal Of Time Stamp

    in the cell it reads

    15 Aug 06

    In the fx bar it reads

    15/08/2006 8:32:05 AM

    I need the fx bar to read 15 Aug 06.
    Even when I format the cells to be dd mmm yy or dd mmm .. it still retains the time in the fx bar.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    E4 to E 20 is the range where you have the data

    take a helper column (example column G)
    in G4 type

    G4 will show date perhaps as date serial
    format it as date
    copy G4down. (f upto G20)
    still the formula bar (next to fx will show only the fomula )
    if you want date in the formula bar also
    then highlight G4 to G20
    highlight G4
    edit pastespcial-values.

    by the by why do you want the date in formula bar also. ?

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