Run Code On Mulitple Sheets

  • I have a workbook that provides updates to our timesheet workbook. For some reason, I cannot get the code to execute the update. It doesn't crash, and appears to run fine, yet the update doesn't occur.

    Can someone see where I am going wrong here?

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    You've not referenced ws when referring to Range("D7:AH87"), so that will always point to the range on the active sheet, not ws.

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    the code runs, but doesn't make any of the changes (ie. adding the data validation on all the ws in each of the workbooks.)

    as a matter of fact, it appears to simply open the files, then save and close them. almost as if its jumping right over the code.

    I am going to reactivate screen updating and step through.

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    My guess is that it's expecting this instead:

    Dim ws As Worksheet
    For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

    The For Each construct works on each item of a collection, so your ws needs to be Dimmed as a single Worksheet. Also, all worksheets are sheets, but not all sheets are worksheets, so you could run into another problem if there are chart sheets in the workbook.


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    Thanks. It seems to operate now on a test update. going to run it for real now and see how it goes.

    I also changed...




    not sure if this is really necessary, but it seemed to help amidst the other things i was trying. thanks for your help guys. will reply back with results if it works.

    Thanks Again!!

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    Quote from norie
    With ws.Range("D7:AH87")

    I changed this too

    With ws.Range("D7:AH87").validation

    Sure it was just an oversight on your part.

    Worked fantastic gentlemen....I am humbled by your wisdom and knowledge once again.

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