Set-up Of IF AND OR Formula

  • =IF((B2<>"completed",G2=B2," ") or (C2<>"completed",G2=D2," ") or (E2<>"completed",F2=D2," "))

    This is what I would like to do, but I do not remember the best to handle an "If" "Or" formula.

    I need to pull names from a column if the column to the right does not have the word "completed". I have three columns of names.
    Column A - Name and Column B "completed" or Blank"
    Column C - Name and Column D "Completed" or Blank"
    Column E - Name and Column F "completed or Blank"

  • Re: Set-up Of &quot;if&quot; &quot;or&quot; Formula?

    Is this statement checking on each line or is it a one time thing? What happens if its completed in all three cases?

    Where will this formula live? Is it checking each case separatly or as one formula?

  • Re: Set-up Of &quot;if&quot; &quot;or&quot; Formula?

    This is a one time formula and it is all in the same line.
    What I need is to build a list in column G with the names of those people that have not completed their assignement "completed"
    The names are in columns A, C and E and the word "completed" or blank" in columns B, D, F

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