Updating Html Forms With Textboxes

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    Is it possible to populate textboxes within excel then submit them to a HTML page containing forms?

    I know it sounds long winded but users are currently duplicating their work by having to put times in an excel spreadsheet (textboxes) and then use forms on an intranet page for another dept to see.

    I was thinking that if possible it would be better to do it all from excel.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    [COLOR="Navy"]Maybe. I'm not clear what you mean when you say, "textboxes within excel". By textbox, do you just mean a cell (like A1) or did someone actually use the form tools to add a textbox form element (edit box) to an Excel file?

    If you are just talking about cells then perhaps you can do it, depending on the structure of how your web site works. You can build hyperlinks in Excel that can post data. For example, look at the address bar in your browser now. You will see something like, "[SIZE="2"][FONT="Courier New"]http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/ne…wreply&noquote=1&p=302240[/FONT][/SIZE]". Everything after the question mark is data that was posted to this web page.

    Say for example you had the following:
    [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="2"] Cell A1 contains: http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/newreply.php
    Cell A2 contains: do
    Cell B2 contains: newreply
    Cell A3 contains: noquote
    Cell B3 contains: 2
    Cell A4 contains: p
    Cell B4 contains: 302240[/SIZE][/FONT]

    Then in cell A5, you put the following hyperlink formula:
    [SIZE="2"][FONT="Courier New"] =HYPERLINK(A1&"?"&A2&"="&B2&"&"&A3&"="&B3&"&"&A4&"="&B4,"Post to web")[/FONT][/SIZE]

    Build the worksheet as I have shown above. Then click on the hyperlink that you built in cell A5. Voila! Your browswer will open to this post with the reply text box prefilled with a quote of your post.

    This isn't really a very good example, but it gives you an idea. If your intranet site is constructed such that the form fields on the page will "request" and fill out textareas with data from the address string then you are in luck. OR if you can look at the URL in the address bar, after you have submitted the form, and break the URL apart into meaningful sections the you might also still be in luck.

    So good luck,

    There are some ideas so preposterous that only an intellectual will believe them. - Malcolm Muggeridge

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    Thank you so much for a detailed reply.

    Yes, sorry I did mean an Edit Box (Textbox Form). I'll give this a whirl and let you know how I get on.



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