Comparing Two Values & Indicate Trend

  • Hi,

    In excel i want to compare two values and indicate increase or decrease in the trend using color & bold

    for example

    Sep. (Revenue) - Oct. (Revenue)

    100 - [COLOR="SeaGreen"]200[/COLOR]

    Comparing the two values, if the october value is greater than september value then, the oct. value has to be shown in bold & green, like above one

    If the oct value is less than september value then, the oct. value has to be shown in bold & red.

    I am not a good programmer in vb. nor have good macro programming knowledge.

    Please enlighten me, How to achieve this. Please Help!

  • Re: Comparing Two Values And Indicate Trend?

    Welcome to the Ozgrid Excel/VBA Forum.

    Try using Conditional Formatting:

    1. Select the cell containing the October value

    2. Click Format > Conditional Formatting

    3. Click the between dropdown and select greater than

    4. Click inside the adjacent placeholder to the right, and click on the cell containing the september value. Be sure to convert the absolute reference to relative (in case the format is to be applied to other cells as well) by pressing the F4 function key until the dollar-signs disappear.

    5. Click the Format button, and apply the desired formatting scheme

    6. Click OK

    7. Click Add button

    8. Repeat steps 3-6 for the second condition

    9. Click OK



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