[Solved] Charts: Surface charts

  • Hi lambuhere1,

    You obviously know that Add Trend Line is not an option.

    Maybe you could supply more information about what sort of equation you wanted to use and why? An example perhaps.


  • Hi Andy

    Great to hear from you. I had a plot of 3D Surface plot with the necessary data. It shows in 3D format according to the data supplied. Now I need to fit a equation for this surface generated. I know its a tough job. But is there any way we can fit a surface equation for this plot.

    I hope I am clear on this. If not, do let me know


  • Hi lambuhere1,

    I haven't discovered a solution.
    Although this might be worth a look.
    You will have to re-arrange your data and add the x and y values.

    Also, as your example looks a lot like Tushar's example :wink1: I suggest it might be worthwhile sending him an email. He may know of an approach or even an addin.


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