Word Page Alignment Prob

  • Somehow my new Word documents are opened to a page that is aligned incorrectly. Any time that I open someone else's document, it displays correctly. When I open my own, it is actually rotated 90 degrees to the right. What that means is that I am typing downwards on the right side of my screen. It has also changed my alignment buttons to vertical instead of the normal horizontal. I can't find any way to correct this problem. Could it be a virus?

    As an aside, it started after I tried to copy and paste from an Adobe PDF file, that must have been protected. When I pasted the text, it came in as an unformatted mumbo-jumbo.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    (One other question - when I tried typing this message, my title was changed by a pop up window asking if I read the rules, with a spelling mistake. Should that be happening?)

  • Re: Word Page Alignment Prob

    Is it possible your normal.dot, in your templates directory, has become corrupt?

    What happens if you use New to open another document type does that appear correctly. If they are alright it might be worth renaming your normal.dot and then open a new document.

    Rename it so you can put if back if required.

    As to your question title using words like problem are no use for others searching. The forum is full of threads where people have 'questions' and 'problems' or 'need help'


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