[Solved] Printing: Embedded Excel spreadsheet *ALWAYS* start

  • I use the Invoice form provided as a sample with Word to generate invoices to my clients. It has an embedded Excel spreadsheet for the detailed time data I am billing for. This usually works great, but right now I have an invoice with about 60 line items in the spreadsheet. When I try to print it from Word it prints the Invoice header, then starts a new page for the Excel spreadsheet data.

    I want it to print as much of the spreadsheet data as it can on the current page, then print the remainder on the next page (preferably printing whatever header/footer text I've defined in the Word document).

    I can't for the life of me find a way to do this. IS IT POSSIBLE???? (I'm cursing M$ as we speak)....


  • Hi -

    You pretty much guessed it - there are too many line items on the spreadsheet. Since it is an embedded object (like inserting a picture), Word is going to try to keep the object together on a printed page - if there is too much text on the beginning of the page, word will jump to the next page to try to fit in on - - if its too big to fit on a full page by itself, the excess will be cut off.

    I guess M$ doesn't want anybody invoicing more than they do .. . :tumble: !!

    If you want to use that template, you'll probably have to split it up into 2 invoices.

    Not what you were looking for, I'll bet, but its all I can think of right now.


  • Well, I came up with a marginally acceptable work-around, but your observations are spot on! :wink2:

    Word *is* treating it like a picture and keeping it all together, which throws it to a new page if it's too big. But that was the insight that inspired the work-around: I used the sizing dots (on the edges of the object when selected in Word) to "Shrink" it vertically until it fit on the first page with the header; I had to change the top and bottom margins to their minimum (.5") and the text in the spreadsheet was kinda small but still quite readable. Whew!!

    Thanks again for your help!

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