Formulas: HELP! Analysing telephone usage and difference bet

  • Help, analysing telephone usage and difference between time rates

    I am working using functions IF statements and I need to be able to calculate the duration between different times. Day Rate = 08:00 - 18:00, EVE Rate = 18:00 - 08:00 and Wkend Rate = Midnight Fri to Midnight Sun. So for a call starting on Thursday 17:00 and ending on Friday 19:00 would be charged for 1hr at day rate and 1hr at evening rate. How can i display this in Excel. I can break it down into many cells as poss if need be. I am finding this impossible, any experts out there

  • Hi.

    This should be straightforward, but need to know more about your data:

    How are your call times entered? in what range? does the entry include the date? if not, where is the date recorded? what cells are the rates in? what output do you want - simple cost per call? why is the duration of the call example you gave - "starting on Thursday 17:00 and ending on Friday 19:00" - only 2 hours, not 26?

    more details please...

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