Use Vba To Create Custom Toolbar

  • I recently posted that I am having a problem with a custom toolbar that I have attached to my workbook; the problem being that when the macros are disabled I cannot delete this toolbar after the workbook is closed, thus still being available to the user in a non-functional form, which I don't want. The code uses the BeforeClose event to delete the toolbar to accomplish this, but obviously not when the user disables the Macros. Is there a way to use VBA to create the toolbar in the first place? I was discourage because the help file indicated:

    "All host applications have an extensive interface for adding and designing custom toolbars (adding built-in buttons, adding macros as buttons, even adding pop-up controls to toolbars). The design-time changes you'll usually make from Visual Basic code are ones that add or modify combo box controls. Otherwise, working with toolbars in code is almost completely limited to making run-time changes (changing the button state, changing the button appearance, changing the button action, and so on)."

    Note: I am not looking for a way to bypass the security feature, just to make the toolbar unavailable when macros are disabled by using code to create the toolbar, or by some other, creative, means. If anyone has any ideas for me it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Re: Use Vba To Create Custom Toolbar

    A while ago, I came up with this:

    The icons you want to use on the tool bar must be stored as hidden images in the spreadsheet somewhere.


    In the workbook open and some other events:

    Hope that gives you some ideas.



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